Tarot Cards And Robin Williams

    This afternoon I successfully recorded the meanings of the Major Arcana into my Tarot journal, a quest that has been many years in the making and I felt a sense of completion, as if a journey was successfully completed and now I am ready for another part of the journey, the studying of the Minor Arcana and being able to connect the two into complete and successful readings. I thought that was one thing chiseled away out of the many other things that I want to do. I thought my perception was slowly but surely reshaping into something with a little more substance and at a pace that I was happy with, but then I found out some tragic news, Robin Williams had passed by way of suicide.

    I only know what the general public really knows of the great Robin Williams, he was an actor whose greatest strength was comedy, but when he channeled is powers into drama he was great and you hung on every word he spoke. The first comedy I remember watching him in was Hook, I remember when he finally became Peter Pan and flew over Neverland I truly believed that I could do that one day, fly happily over Neverland and play with the lost boys. The first drama I saw him in was The Dead Poets Society, when he said that words can change the world I believed him, and I wanted to punch that Red Foreman guy in the face when he put all the blame on Keating when his son committed suicide.  Anything he did I was drawn, when Aladdin came out the question was, was he created to play the Genie, or was the Genie created for him to play? One will always wonder.

    Knowing Robin Williams will no longer be around to make us laugh is forever tragic, but whats even more tragic is the questions that will not be answered. Why he did it, what was the final straw and what was he really hiding from the world. While I completed one part of my journey, he completed his. Yes I do admit that it is dumb of me to compare a successful tarot card lesson goal to the tragic death of a beloved and super talented man, it somehow poses a connection to me. Completion and then Death, what’s really weird is last week I read the novel The Virgin Suicides.


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