Alone Against Hate

    History was made last week, marriage became equal for all humans and that is a great thing because when it all comes down to it, we are all the same. Every human being is a human being, every single one of us has a heart, we all bleed red and for the most part we each have a brain. The only difference between all of us is our outward apperance, but other than that we are all the same. It’s really simple thinking and logic, when you look at it the way I just said it, but unfortunately not everyone thinks so.    The amount of hate that was projected was just awful, so absolutely awful that I was compelled to scold a whole bunch of Yahoo commentors on being such hateful people. I am not a hateful person, in fact I pride myself on being a champion of love. I think when a person hates, no matter what the hatred is directed towards, wheather it be a person or a stupid materialistic thing, I think hating is giving in to the Devil or as I like to simply call it Evil. I think the whole purpose of Evil is to get as many people hating as possible because thats what it wants, nothing but hate; it feeds off of it. The more we hate the more Evils bidding we are doing and the more like Evil we become. In a sense, we become the very thing that we say we are against; we become Evil. 

   As you can probably guess, I am a very bohemian-hippie esque kind of girl. I want nothing but rainbows and butterflies and flowers and love and peace and all that crap, so my intentions are good. My thing about hate isn’t hateful at all. So why didn’t my views get any support or likes from my family? I don’t know why but it does sometimes keeps me up at night.


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