Hate Is Easy

    I really wish it was easier to Love than to Hate. Hate is so easy and I don’t know why. To look at the world with black in your heart and hate in your mind, it sounds like an awful way to live, but when you take a good look at the person who is hating they look so happy, and they seem to enjoy spreading that hate. When you see someone trying to Love, for some reason they are looked at with pity and they look like they are struggling to hang on to Love. Love is suppose to be the one thing that brings us together. Love is suppose to heal everything and create glorious things. 
    I wish I had a solution to this problem, but I don’t. All I have is this observation, this thought that I am hoping once put out there will somehow catch fire and maybe everyone can read this and prove me wrong. Prove me wrong by showing me that Hate can be squashed and Love can prevail. I know thats a fantasy, because when it comes down to it you wouldn’t be able to know what Love was if there was no Hate. It just sucks that there has to be Hate.


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